May 19, 2017


Can you bill insurance?

We DO NOT bill directly, but offer a Superbill receipt which has all the information your insurance company requires if they will reimburse you for your treatment. We are NOT IN NETWORK with any insurers.   

Do you do prior authorizations?  

Sorry, no.

How can I tell if my insurance covers acupuncture?

Your insurance provider should have a website and or phone number on your insurance card that you can use to find out what your benefits include. If acupuncture is not covered, you may be able to choose a plan that does cover it when you renew your benefits. Some insurers cover acupuncture for specific conditions but not others, or only cover acupuncturists who are in network.   

What if my insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture?  

We keep our prices as reasonable as possible so that those without insurance can also afford quality acupuncture.  Most health saving accounts can be used to pay for acupuncture and even supplements or herbal medicine. 

What about Motor Vehicle Accidents? 

In Oregon, acupuncture is covered and you do not need a referral if you have a motor vehicle accident claim. You may need to submit chart notes to your insurance company. We can provide you your records on request.

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