May 19, 2017

Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is believed to date back as far as the stone age, and hieroglyphics from as early as 1600-1100 BC refer to acupuncture (i,ii). But why should we use it now? With all the new medical technology and discoveries out there, what makes acupuncture and Oriental medicine a good choice for health care? There are several answers to this question:
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are:

Low Risk
Cost Effective
Appropriate for a Broad Range of Conditions (and compatible with Western medicine!)

What do I mean by holistic? Holistic means that East Asian medicine treats a person as a whole, and believes that the health of the body, mind and emotions are all linked together. It is not possible to separate them and achieve good clinical results. Have you ever noticed that when you feel stressed out or depressed you seem to have more pain, fatigue or “brain fog” and vice versus?
The World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the American Medical Association (AMA) all consider acupuncture generally safe when performed by a licensed acupuncturist.

Because acupuncture focuses on treating disease before it becomes severe, it may prevent more serious procedures such as knee replacement or costly pharmaceuticals from becoming necessary.

What can acupuncture treat? Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine focus on strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities to promote overall health. Historically, acupuncture and East Asian medicine have been used to treat almost every health concern in China. Serious or life threatening complaints should be checked out by a Western medical doctor before seeking treatment from an acupuncturist. However, acupuncture and Western medicine can often be used together to good effect.  Please feel free to contact me with specific questions or concerns.

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