May 19, 2017

Why Acupuncture?

Why Acupuncture with Frances?

Treatments are:

Safe – Frances has performed thousands of acupuncture treatments over the last 10+ years.  She completed more than 2781 academic hours and 1016 clinical hours in the acupuncture degree program and takes ongoing continuing education courses.   

Holistic – consider the whole person: Mind, Body, Spirit, Environment, Goals

Customized –  you deserve treatment fitted to your goals, whether they are running a marathon, staying well while taking care of your family, crushing it at work, or simply getting out of pain.

Achievable – a stressed out, overworked person needs a plan that is achievable in the time and energy they have to commit. 

Appropriate for a Broad Range of ConditionsSerious or life threatening complaints should be checked out by a Western medical doctor before seeking treatment from an acupuncturist. However, acupuncture and Western medicine can often be used together to good effect. Acupuncture can provide a unique way of looking at stubborn conditions that may not have responded well to other therapies in the past.

Time Tested – Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine focus on strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities to promote overall health.  Acupuncture has been used in China for 3,000 years (1,2), yet research and refinement of the practice continue today. 

Read about the History of Acupuncture 

Read the Latest Acupuncture Research 

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